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[Samsung I9000] Remove Singtel startup animation

Was looking around for Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy S and stumbled upon this guide to remove Singtel startup animation at xda-developers, by changing the Sales Code of your CSC (Customer Specific Customization) version of your phone.

Update: Thanks to Peng Sian for emailing me regarding the changes for changing CSC.

For Android 2.2 Froyo:
  1. Make sure you've your data (files, sms, contacts, etc.) properly backed up.
  2. Open dialer and press *#06#.
  3. Record down the 15 digit IMEI number.
  4. Open dialer and press *#272*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX# (XXXX is your IMEI).
  5. Select XSP and click on the "Install" button.
  6. Your phone will reboot & do a wipe on itself.
  7. Enjoy your Galaxy S without SingTel's customizations.

For Android 2.1 Eclair.
  1. Make sure you've your data (files, sms, contacts, etc.) properly backed up.
  2. Open dialer and press *#272*HHMM# (HHMM refers to the time on your device in 24hrs format when you entered this code).
  3. Select XSP and click on the "Install" button.
  4. Your phone will reboot & do a wipe on itself.
  5. Enjoy your Galaxy S without SingTel's customizations.

Advantages for doing changing to XSP:
  • Phone will automatically configure itself to the right APN settings, when you insert SIM-card from other operator, e.g. Celcom, Digi, Starhub...
  • Using SIN, will set the phone to Singtel customization and APN settings.

The available Sales Code for SEA Galaxy S (CSC I9000OLBJG4, which is a multi-CSC):
  • CCM
  • DGI - Digi
  • GLB
  • MIS
  • MM1
  • SIN - Singtel
  • SMA
  • THL
  • UMB
  • XEV
  • XME
  • XSE
  • XSO - Singtel (reference)
  • XSP
  • XTC
  • XTE
  • XXV

Q: I key *#272*HHMM# and press call, this came out: "(USSD Code Running) UNKNOWN APPLICATION".
A: You do NOT need to press call. Your phone time has changed when you press the last "#" button. Try again ;)

IF the problem still persist, try this (for advanced users):
  1. Put your phone is debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging
  2. In Command Prompt, enter "adb shell". (You must have android-sdk installed and configured).
  3. Then enter this command:
    am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n
Q: What is CSC?
A: The CSC (short for Customer Specific Customization). This includes connection data for the broadband networks as well as apps that are only available in certain languages/intended for a specific area.
Q: How do I check which CSC (major) Sales Code you should use?
  • Open dialer and type: *2767*4387264636#
  • The second line will read: Sales Code: GT-I9000HK?xxx
  • The last three character is your CSC (major) Sales Code. (For me, mine is  GT-I9000HKAXSO)
Q: How do I check PDA, Phone, CSC?
  • Open dialer and type: *#1234#
  • You will see something like this:
    PDA: I9000DXJG4
    PHONE: I9000DXJG4
    CSC: I9000OLBJG4



  1. is this applicable to optimus 2x?

  2. The codes are for Samsung phones. :) Not sure whats the code for Optimus 2x.


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