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Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

Was coding in NetBeans just now and stumbled upon this error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL  I'm very sure there is no syntax error on that line. But chrome just wouldn't stop complaining about it.
After debugging for a while, I realize its the extra unidentified character (space/eol) that is causing the error.

Deleting that solves the problem :)

Macbook Pro - Signals the Transitions of Computing Devices

Just read a post on the new Retina MPB to buy or not to buy,
...we just happen to be at the beginning of a transition of the Mac into its next phase. In some ways, this is a mid-life crisis.
and Robert Scoble's Facebook post on touch screen devices.
Looking at my life and that of my coworkers I'm seeing less and less of a reason to stick with a traditional laptop. 
I'm also very certain that this is the transition period for computing devices. Transitions from traditional laptops to ultra-portable high performance touchscreen devices.

High Performance Computing Notebook Looking at the new MBP :

Ultra-portable - 0.71", 2kg512GB flash storage You can almost anything on-the-go with this new notebook - compile source codes, render HD videos, or even play games. It would be hard to imagine any would still get an iMac, unless you are going for serious 3D/HD graphics rendering with 16GB RAM and SSDs. 
Looking at the trend, I couldn't agree more with MG Siegler that its ju…