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DirectAdmin Upgrading CSF Firewall

(This post is meant for DirectAdmin beginners, like me.)

Finally got the chance to play with one of the production server - to upgrade the CSF Firewall.

For this, I have to SSH to the server because upgrading CSF needs root access.
Due to restrictions in "DirectAdmin you must login to the root shell" to upgrade csf using
csf -u
So I SSH-ed to the server and ran the command "csf -u". But this time, I get the following error.
-bash: csf: command not found
Okay, the path to CSF is not correct, so just need to
cd /usr/sbin/
Then gain root access,
su -
That's it, can upgrade CSF using the command "csf -u" automatically!


Convert SimpleXMLElement to Array

Ok, I know this is simple, but it took me a while to realize this simple method to convert SimpleXMLElement to an array. (I even tempted to write a function to parse and convert the XML tree).

Its simple actually, to just just the default PHP functions

$xml = <tag>content</tag>print_r(json_decode(json_encode($xml), TRUE));

Samsung Galaxy S2 variants

During trip back at Malaysia, I realize the Galaxy S2 variant there is i9100T. Which makes me wonder what are the difference.

[UPDATE, Jan 19] CyanogenMod wiki has a better list of SGS2 variants with support status comments.

After Googling around, I came to conclusion that all the variants have:

SAME hardware Specifications

and the DIFFERENCES are:
The I9100 supports 3G 900/2100Mhz and the I9100T supports 3G 850/2100Mhz The difference in SAR value, as shown in Samsung Website.
GT-I9100P - 0.362 W/kg
GT-I9100 - 0.338 W/kg
GT-I9100M - 0.338 W/kg
GT-I9100T - 0.285 W/kg
GT-I9100G - 0.247 W/kg (different processor - OMAP SoC)
Quote from Samsung Website:
This phone meets European Union (EU) requirements concerning exposure to radio waves. Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured so as not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio-frequency (RF) energy, as recommended by the EU Council. These limits are part of comprehensive guidelines and establis…

Notes from BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 #BBDevCon

Event: BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011
Date: 2011-12-08

Updates: The speakers mentioned that the slides are available online. But I'm still not able to find 'em anywhere.

DEV846 – Advanced Web Rendering: webGL, Canvas and Gaming


Charles Wei, Technical Director, Torch Mobile (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Robin Cao [robin.cao[at]], Senior Software Engineer, Torch Mobile (Beijing)

Tips and Tricks
- Avoid creating non-power of two images
- Avoid reading back from canvas

GLSL Shader
- WebGL - Matrices to represent states

Three.js, PhiloGL,
Khronos wiki,

DEV825 – Powering Immediacy: Putting Push Data to Work for You

Pratik Sapra, Application Development Consultant, Research In Motion
BlackBerry Push - push thru BB internet service - 8kb data - dedicated port - push service plus/ push service essential - mode : - point to point, - multicast, - broadcast. push request - PAP standard
Server Side Application Standalone approac…