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Reintialize TinyMCE after jQuery Load

Bump into the problem of reintializing TinyMCE textbox after replacing the DOM with jQuery load.

The Problem
After saving a form on a page (with multiple forms), I did a jQuery.load() to replace the DOM of the particular section.Then I run the initialization function to reinitialize all DOMs, including TinyMCE. I realized TinyMCE contents is not saved after this.
Solution: Initial attempt

After Google-ed for a while, I found this solution from StackOverflow.

tinymce.execCommand('mceRemoveControl', true, 'editor_id');
So, to use it, it would be...

_init = function() { /* Some other initialization code here */ tinymce.execCommand('mceRemoveControl', true, 'editor_id');tinyMCE.init({ /* TinyMCE options */ }); }
Oh, wait...

Some issues:
My 'editor_id' is dynamic... I have multiple textboxes
Solution: Second attempt.

Easy. Just use jQuery.each() to loop through all the textbox and remove TinyMCE control from each of them.

_init = function() { jQuery(&…

[Guide] Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS

For those of you who are like me - too impatient to wait for Samsung Singapore to release ICS update for i9100 Galaxy S2, can follow the following steps to flash to ICS (and in addition, flash to CM9).

Ice Cream Sandwich 

1. Download ICS firmware

2. Boot into Download Mode
Turn off phone.Vol Down + Home + Power

3. Odin Flash Guide

ICS is cool, but... the official ROM is still laggy. So I decided to take further steps to mod it to CyanogenMod.
So if you are like me, want a smooth UX, follow the following optional steps :)

3. CF-root by Chainfire.

4. Remove Yellow Triangle during startup, using TriangleAway from Chainfire.


5. Download CM Bui…