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Setting up Repo on Amazon EC2 for Git Push

Was trying to setup an instance on Amazon which I can do a git push to update the /var/www/html folder. Decided to share the steps here, so that other beginners like me can benefit too!

PrerequisitesSetting up Amazone Instance 
This article basically covers all the steps need to fire-up an instance and set the Security Group and SSH.

Install LAMP + phpMyAdmin
Install LAMP stack is easy, but install phpMyAdmin is slightly tricky. Luckily this github gist explained the steps very well.

The only missing part that you might want to take note is the part to change the user of the html directory.
sudo chown -R ec2-user /var/www/html/

Setting up GitSetting Up Git Repo to work with /var/www/html folder
At first I tried this solution from stackoverflow post. The method is:
Copying .git folder to /var/www/html/ folder.Then use a post-update script to update the git repo.The idea looks logical, and easy to understand, but I just couldn't get it to work.

Then I found this article, by Abhijit Menon-…

Installing Redis: jemalloc/jemalloc.h: No such file or directory

Was trying to install Redis on my EC2 test server just now and bump into this error.
zmalloc.h:51:31: error: jemalloc/jemalloc.h: No such file or directory I was very sure that jemalloc was installed.

After searching for a while, I found the solution from redis-db Google Group.

Apparently, running
make distclean solves the problem. It remove all compilation artifacts, and dependencies.