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Fat-Free Framework - Blank Page Error

Was trying getting started with Fat-Free just now, but found that the page wasn't loading at all, or more accurately, a blank page was shown.

I added a dummy echo before the template echo,
echo "Hello World!"; echo Template::serve('welcome.htm');
and found that the echo is printed, but not everything else in the welcome.htm

After debugging, I found out that its caused by
{{ Web::minify('ui/',array('style.css'),FALSE) }}
The page displays correctly, without css style, after removing that line, and clear the cache.

To solve this, its relatively easy.

Just need to enable
php_sockets in you PHP extension.

Then clear the /cache folder.

Hope that save the your time for some of you out there as well! :)

[i9000] Flashing CyanogenMod for Beginners

UPDATE (2011-11-27): After flashed to CyanogenMod and tested for a few days, I think that CyanogenMod is GREAT, i9000 users should just flash to it since Samsung firmware support for i9000 isn't that great, and slow. :)

The guide can be found from But its not complete with all the downloadables, there are few missing steps.

1. Installing the ClockworkMod Recovery

Before you begin, follow Step 1 & Step 2 from CyanogenMod to get the drivers installed.

Downloadables & Installation Guide

Heimdall Firmware Packages -
(As of now, XXJVT is the latest version)

2. Root your Phone
There are few options to root your phone.
Gingerbreak by ChainFire.CF-Root by ChainFire (works for XXJVT)
I used CF-Root and it worked.
Just a small note, if Odin cannot detect the phone, you can always reinstall the driver by running Kies device troubleshoot.

3. Flashing CyanogenMod

Finally, follow the Flashing CyanogenMo…

DirectAdmin Cron

If your hosting provider blocked you from running PHP files from command line (for security reason).

cd /home/<user>/domains/<>/cron_scripts/; /usr/local/bin/php script.php
Then the alternative would be using lynx, and access the files via url :)

lynx -dump http://www.<domain>.com/path/script.php > /dev/null 2>&1