One Click Lag Fix for Samsung Galaxy S

Can't wait for Samsung Singapore to release 2.2 Froyo with lag fix, so decided to give this One Click Lag Fix for Galaxy 2.1 Eclair a try.

  1. Rooted Samsung i9000. (Follow this post, if you haven't root your phone).

  1. Download OCLF2 .apk from xda-developers.
  2. Copy the .apk to your device, and install the application.
    Note: Make sure you have "Unknown sources" applications checked in "Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources".
  3. Install the application (by clicking on it in "My Files").
  4. Run the application.
  5. "Install EXT2 Tools".
  6. "OneClickLagFix V2.2+".
  7. Done, wait for the phone to reboot :)



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