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Windows 7 Sleep Problem [Solution]

Problem: Windows 7 (x64) won't go to sleep / hibernate.


Method 1 - Disallow Device to wake-up computer

If you want to see which devices are enabled for waking up your computer.
Run Command by typing "cmd" in Start Menu.enter powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
If there is devices listed that are able to wake Windows up. You might want to consider turning the option off.
In Start Menu, type "Device Manager".for the device in the list just now, right click and select Properties.Go to the tab "Power Management"Uncheck "Allow this device to wake up"Done.Then, try to sleep your computer again.

Method 2- Generating energy report.

If the problem still exist. Try this method instead.
In Start Menu, type "cmd".Then press "CRTL + SHIFT + ENTER" to run as Administrator.Issue this command, "powercfg -energy".Wait for 1 minute.Open the report generated in the specified folder. You should see something like the following.…

Windows Live Messenger - Error code 800706ba

Get 800706ba error code for Windows Live Messenger Beta quite a number of times lately.

Found the solution to this after Google-ed for a while. Apparently "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant" service is not started thats why Messenger cannot sign-in.

To start the service.
Go to start menu -> search box.Enter "services.msc", and press OK.In the Services list, search for the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant.Startup type setting to Automatic.Start the service.Close the Services list, and retry to sign in to Messenger.Enjoy :)


mscorsvw.exe hogging 100% CPU

Helped a friend diagnose his slow computer, and found out that there was a process called mscorsvw.exe sucking up almost all the CPU. So did a Google search and found the following information about the process.
When mscorsvw.exe takes up resources, it is precompiling .NET assemblies in the background. Once it's done, it will go away. Typically, after you install the .NET Redist, it will be done with the high priority assemblies in 5 to 10 minutes and then will wait until your computer is idle to process the low priority assemblies. Once it does that it will shutdown and you won't see mscorsvw.exe. One important thing is that while you may see 100% CPU usage, the compilation happens in a process with low priority, so it tries not to steal the CPU for other stuff you are doing. Once everything is compiled, assemblies will now be able to share pages across different processes and warm start up will be typically much faster, so we're not throwing away your cycles.
There are a …

PHP Extension “mcrypt” must be loaded

Got this error while installing Magento
PHP extension "mcrypt" must be loaded.
After a Google search, found few solutions to the problem. One of the solution involve copying these two files: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to your Windows/System32. This is not advisable.

The proper way to install new extension would be:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click on Add/Remove Program (Or, Uninstall a program)

3. Select PHP MSI and click on 'Change'. Remember you should have installed PHP using the PHP MSI. If you have installed it using the ZIP file this won't work.

4. You will see the following window.

5. Click on Next ,then click 'Change'

6. Select 'IIS FastCGI'

7. Chose the extension (mcrypt, in this case) you want to install and click 'Next'.

7. Click on 'Finish' on next screen and you are done.


Joomla - Default login/logout page

If you accidentally removed the component in your page. You can manually access the page via
As for the Logout link,
I find that this is particularly useful when maintaining the site for client who does not want user registration functionality.

Customising Login links to User-friendly link

For those who are new to Joomla here are the steps to create a user-friendly link (or alias) for the login page. For example, user will be able to login via, http://<your-webpage>/login.

Its pretty straight-forward, so I've screenshot the steps below.

Customising the layout of the login page

If you are looking for the layout of the login form, you can FTP to /components/com_user/views/login/tmpl/ folder to edit the files.