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New Gingerbread Update for Samsung Galaxy S Leaks

Yup, despite Sammy’s apparent inability to roll out Froyo updates on time, download links have popped up all over the internet this week, which provide access to a leaked official Gingerbread update to the I9000 model of its Galaxy S family.
This may not be the first Gingerbread update to have been leaked for the device but the release is great news for developers and owners of the device alike, as it means that Android 2.3.3 has been tailored by Samsung specifically for its phones and that the update should roll out to all devices shortly... more

Although the thread is now closed, but the ROMs already leaked far into many ROM chefs' hand.

So, I would still expect custom Gingerbread ROM for Galaxy S to be out in a month time. Excited :)

[Excel] Formula to extract email from a cell

This is a useful formula to extract an email out from the string in a cell.

=TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(" "&$A1&" "," ",REPT(" ",40)),FIND(REPT("@",COLUMNS($A1:A1)),SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(" "&$A1&" "," ",REPT(" ",40)),"@",REPT("@",COLUMNS($A1:A1)),COLUMNS($A1:A1)))-40,80))

Landing Page -

This infographic from Formstack shows the 10 key landing page features that draws users attention on your site.

Magento Connect Error

Was trying to install Magento Extensions and found out that the extensions key were not working for Magento Connect 1.0.

After searching for a while, found out that you can actually prepends "" to the extension name (source).

From: magento-community/Fontis_Wysiwyg
And that is actually the extension key for Magento Connect 2.0.

Guess both extension keys works!