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[Template] Javascript Functions

Been dealing with Javascript functions lately, I find that these are the most-frequently-used input parameters for all a typical function:
data url (optional) callback (optional)
A good JS function should readily accept these parameters. And a typical Javascript function call would be like:
somefunction( {data: value, data2: value2 }, [url], [callback()] ); We know that in PHP we can use the following method to write a "optional" second (or third) input parameter.
function somefunction( $data, $callback = FALSE); This way, if the second argument is not supplied, $callback will be automatically assigned to FALSE. Its a good practice to set a default value for a variable.

After Googling around, I found that Javascript is event better at handling such case. We can take in as many optional input parameters, in no specific order. But the trade-off is, we need a check for the input parameter type.

Stackoverflow has this excellent post on the template for checking input argument typ…

CSS text-overflow

Notice: This is a beginner post (that some of you might think is a waste of time)
CSS3 has tons of awesome improvement, which a lot of them I don't know or notice. Today, I discovered "text-overflow" style, which is super handy for hiding overflowing text.

I discovered while browsing the source for (Actually I was looking a the scrollbar for the side panel wondering how it works and accidentally stumble upon this :p ).

Notice the the longer text "Acquaintances" changes to "Acquaintan" when the width of the parent container shrinks.

The style behind this is

overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap;
You might wonder why I'm so excited about this? Because in the past, I used to do a lot of text-length-checking on the server side before outputting the text, reducing the number of characters and append "...".

Now this can be done easily on the browser part using just CSS!

No more inefficient coding with the b…

[ROM] Galaxy S2 i9100DXKL3 Firmware

New (Dec 2011) official firmware (South East Asia) for Samsung Galaxy S2.

PDA: i9100DXKL3

Build Info: Thu Dec 15 18:59:02 KST 2011

Firmware Download :


Q: How to check the current firmware version of my phone?

There are several ways:
1. Key in *#1234# in the dialer. You'll get the PDA, Phone, and CSC version of your firmware, or
2. Download Z-Device Test from Android Market.