Joomla - Default login/logout page

If you accidentally removed the component in your page. You can manually access the page via

As for the Logout link,

I find that this is particularly useful when maintaining the site for client who does not want user registration functionality.

Customising Login links to User-friendly link

For those who are new to Joomla here are the steps to create a user-friendly link (or alias) for the login page. For example, user will be able to login via, http://<your-webpage>/login.

Its pretty straight-forward, so I've screenshot the steps below.

Customising the layout of the login page

If you are looking for the layout of the login form, you can FTP to /components/com_user/views/login/tmpl/ folder to edit the files.


  1. How do I change the default login page?

  2. You mean changing the layout or changing the links to the page. If its the latter, I don't think you can change the link, but you can add a alias (user-friendly link) to point to the login page in your site.

    Anyway, I've updated the page. Hope it helps.

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