2014 Fireworks around the World

Singapore Fireworks. Image source: highdefinitionwallpapers1080p.

Compiled a list of the 2014 New Year Fireworks videos around the world.

1. Japan

2. Dubai

3. Australia

4. Brazil

5. UK

6. Paris (July 14th fireworks)

7. Singapore

8. Taipei

9. Hong Kong

10. Malaysia

11. Korea

Leave a comment if you know videos for countries that is not listed above. Or a better quality video to replace any of the videos above.


20140101 - Replaced Singapore video. The original video was 2013 video. Thanks for Dann Khoo for pointing out.
20140103 - There's no fireworks for on new year. The video was July 14th National Day fireworks. Thanks Floris for pointing out.

Source: Facebook.


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