Convert Font Suitcase to TTF

TLDR; Use Fondu to convert fonts to .ttf

Sometimes clients send me fonts in Font Suitcase format, and  I'm suppose to include the fonts in their websites.

To convert the fonts to TTF, I use Fondu.
A set of programs to interconvert between mac font formats and pfb, ttf, otf and bdf files on unix. Fondu will read a series of mac files, check their resource forks and extract all font related items into seperate files.

Install Fondu (OSX)
  1. Download Fondu
  2. Open terminal
  3. Change directory to the dir that you extracted fondu in
  4. terminal: ./configure
  5. terminal: make
  6. terminal: sudo make install

Convert Fonts to TTF
  1. Change directory to the dir where your font is.
  2. terminal: fondu <font filename> 
    e.g. fondu Futura.dfont
  3. Done.

Convert to Webfonts
  1. Upload the converted .ttf file to



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