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Notes from BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 #BBDevCon

Event: BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011
Date: 2011-12-08

Updates: The speakers mentioned that the slides are available online. But I'm still not able to find 'em anywhere.

DEV846 – Advanced Web Rendering: webGL, Canvas and Gaming


Charles Wei, Technical Director, Torch Mobile (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Robin Cao [robin.cao[at]], Senior Software Engineer, Torch Mobile (Beijing)

Tips and Tricks
- Avoid creating non-power of two images
- Avoid reading back from canvas

GLSL Shader
- WebGL - Matrices to represent states

Three.js, PhiloGL,
Khronos wiki,

DEV825 – Powering Immediacy: Putting Push Data to Work for You

Pratik Sapra, Application Development Consultant, Research In Motion

BlackBerry Push
- push thru BB internet service
- 8kb data
- dedicated port
- push service plus/ push service essential
- mode :
- point to point,
- multicast,
- broadcast.
push request - PAP standard

Server Side Application
Standalone approach
- http post
- http basic authorization.

Push Service SDK approach

Device side Application
- BB OS 5.0+
- Legacy API ( for 5.0- )

Tips n Tricks
- Sync subscribers peroidically
- creat overhead by pushing to unsubscribed users
- Two way to check
- status query or resuot notification
- subscription query

DEV809 – Web Apps: Design and Build Great Looking UI and User Experiences


Robin Cao, Senior Software Engineer with Torch Mobile (Beijing)
Charles Wei, Technical Director with Torch Mobile (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

- Cloud based services and mash-up

Good Design
- Adaptive Design
- Handheld meta
- Meta viewport
- Responsive and Feedback
- Device detection
- User agent :
- Server side: Http heqder
- Client side : js (navigator.userAgent)
- windows.orientationchange = function() {}
- windows.orientation;
- Media query
- connectivity detection
- HTML5 - AppCache

Bad Design
- Frames and scrolling
- Mouse-move and hover event
- Fix position
- Fixed size

Js Framework
- Sencha
- jQuery
- Dojo
- Alice (RIM) - For animations, flip, bounce, etc.


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